Private Label Design

We offer you a customizable or a full-service Package.
Are you an entrepreneur looking to start a clothing line or a non-fashion
company that wants some catchy work Uniform to make a great impression
since staff appearance is a significant brand experience for customers.

Ege Oran advises you how to start the designs process, wich fabric to choose and where to find the right supplier.
We will guide you through the 5 following steps below


I will help you to set up your Fashion Collectio by creating digital sketches and
also helping you sourcing the fabric which is a major part of the clothing process, that also affect costs, quality and durability

Tech Pack

I will Provide my own or a Manufacturer of your choice with all the details and
technical specifications that are needed for production and Pattern cutting.


After a sample is created, we organize a fitting session with you where you
will be able to test the fit and the shape of the garment to asses which adjustments need to be made to the design.
This step is essential before actual manufacturing.


Your sample will then go after your approval to the production. In this phase,
quality control is crucial to avoid mistakes or defects in manufacturing garments.


Once everything is packet before delivery, we deal with the shipping
companies and customs.